Tips Make Videos That Fun to Watch

Is it fun or is it funny that you’re looking for in making videos? Whatever it is, any video you’re making will need more than one catchy sound effect and background music, which Tubidy Mp3 can help with that. The website is full of any sound you need and it’s free and safe. Music is one of the things that can turn the blandest video to be more fun besides framing, humor, props, and also editing.

Is Humor Will Make Your Video More Fun?

Today’s videos, like vlogs, scripted or advertising all have a little bit of humor in them. Just that, for most people, making videos is not the most natural thing in the world. There are the lenses, the camera, the angle, and where to look at a certain time. Suffice it to say, people can easily fail at delivering humor to the video.

Adding humor to make your videos more fun can backfire and make it look like a wacky show full of cringed moments that end with your video looking like someone taking a was on screen. Humor is one of the evolutionary trump cards of the human species.

We use it often to break the ice in any social setting. It’s a sign of vulnerability that gives out the vibe that you are approachable and not a threat helping us break that barrier in a social setting, easier for us to be accepted. Thus making any video with humor in it can be your big advantage in capturing people’s interest.

The Funny Bits

Firstly first, funny comes naturally, Tubidy Mp3 has the material to help with being as natural as possible with the collection of sound to help with the material, unlike in a social setting when you can see people’s expressions of which funny and which one doesn’t, the camera will not tell you that. So tell your body to relax and try to stop thinking consciously of ways to be funny, let it come naturally for you. Because we don’t aim to be funny, delivering what we promised in the title and subject is the mission.

The Outtakes, Props, and Timing

Humans have this weird thing that seems to laugh at the awkwardness, so, using outtakes can be shown as less serious, and honest behind the scene takes, this is the safest and easiest way to raise a smile, and the edit of an outtake is about hiding all the awkwardness, so use additional editing to create contrast with the regular part of the sequence.

For example, transitions blank screen, or you can change in the music, Tubidy Mp3 can help with any sound effect needed to be added to the track before and after will help to add that gap in the audience’s expectation. Props and timing, using, for example, SpongeBob’s “a few moments later” pop-up in surprising places will show that you’re in on the joke and not so serious because it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.