Why You Need a Career as a Journalist

In the world of journalism, especially sports journalists, the name Stephen A Smith no longer needs to be questioned about his reputation. Various questions that arise, such as how much wealth he has, is Stephen A Smith married, does he have children, how is his career going, are questions that appear a lot in various writings about Stephen A Smith. This can happen of course due to the influence of his fame as a sports journalist who has a journalistic career spanning nearly three decades and his reputation as a journalist who has enormous wealth.

Journalist Career Inspiration From Stephen A Smith

Stephen A Smith’s current success is certainly not something that is easy or can be achieved in a short time. He even started his career in journalism with a position as a writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1994 until now Stephen A Smith is listed as a special sports television personality in America and has a regular program on ESPN.

With a career that has been fought for since the past until now, it is possible to become someone with a big name as a public figure and have great wealth, so it is not surprising that many people ask questions about him, such as the value of wealth, is Stephen A Smith married, and many other questions. He became an inspiration for many people, especially those who have dreams of becoming a journalist.

Reasons To Pursue A Career In Journalism

The figure of Stephen A Smith who inspired many people to have a dream career as a journalist has reasons which are of course related to his extraordinary achievements which have triggered many young people who like journalists to become more confident in pursuing careers in the world of journalism.

That is a big part of the reason for young people to pursue a career in journalism. But actually, a career in journalism has many advantages which are reasons for you to pursue a career in journalism. In the following, some of the advantages of journalists are the reason.

1. Gives lots of adventures

In the world of journalism, information or news is the main thing. Basically, information or news can come from anywhere and at any place. That is what makes a journalist must be willing to search for information or news anywhere.

When the news or information you are looking for is far away, it is not impossible that you will experience an adventurous experience in searching for news or information, especially if you are someone who has a free spirit and likes new adventures in life.

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2. Have a variety of knowledge

In getting information or news which is then conveyed to readers, listeners, or the wider community, you will receive a variety of new knowledge that maybe not everyone can get. It makes you have a wider knowledge and insight than others.

The information and news that you are looking for as a journalist are also not limited to one field of knowledge, so you will indirectly master many fields of knowledge which of course makes you more knowledgeable than other people.

3. Have a wide network of friends

A journalist has the basic task of conveying news or information to many people obtained from various sources, be it events, people or others. In gathering information or news, a journalist generally conducts interviews with sources who have information or news which is then summarized to become information or news that can be accepted by the wider community.

Conducting interviews with sources is also something that is not easy to do because not everyone can share information or news. Therefore, a journalist will usually build a personal closeness to sources first so that news or information can be obtained properly. This will indirectly build connections and relationships between journalists and sources. The more sources you interview, the more friendship networks you will have which can bring good luck in your future.

4. Opportunity to learn new things first

As a journalist, there is a demand to present actual and factual information or news. The news or information presented must be the latest information and can be conveyed to many people as quickly as possible. Therefore, a journalist must be alert and fast in capturing the latest information or news.

This certainly brings a journalist to have an earlier opportunity to find out new things or events that have just happened than other people.

5. Flexible working hours

Information about an event or news is something that cannot be predicted when it will occur, it can happen at any time, even at an unexpected time. Being a journalist also means being ready to obtain and present information or news at any time. That makes you as a journalist will have flexible working hours.

6. Opportunity to meet important people

In obtaining information, there is a possibility that a journalist will meet important people such as state officials, or public figures if the information relates to them as a source to be interviewed. It is possible that you will also have profitable connections when you meet these people. This is certainly an advantage that cannot be obtained by other people.

Some of these advantages will bring you the confidence to pursue a career in journalism besides the inspirational figure Stephen A Smith who has a high reputation so that he becomes a public figure who is often asked about his life, how much his wealth is worth, is Stephen A Smith married, and others.