8 Fun Amazing Giveaway Ideas That Work

Giveaway is something that people like to do nowadays. Sometimes, the prize that you will get is worth it so that many people like to join. Moreover, the challenge offered is not that difficult. Commonly, you are just asked to comment or give your response towards something then the winner will be selected. You can win iPhone XR, laptops or anything which is offered in this giveaway event.

How Giveaway is Working

Commonly, these giveaway events are held by the influencers which have cooperation with a brand or a company. Usually, the influencer introduces a product or they have content on Youtube or Blog, after that, they will open the giveaway section at the end of the video. The giveaway prize is usually something which is related to the content. People like to join in this giveaway event since usually, it comes with a small challenge.

8 Giveaway Ideas that Works

Believe it or not, the giveaway is the best way to grow or promote the brand. Here are 8 giveaways which becomes the people’s favorite things:

  1. Limited Edition Thing

Until now, anything which is labeled with limited edition is something worth to have. Limited edition product is considered as the exclusive thing as the production is not as many as the ordinary product. Usually, it has special features so that people like to have this. Then, this kind of giveaway always catches people’s attention as they like to have the limited-edition thing as well.


  1. Ask the people what they want

If you like to open a giveaway, then it would be good to ask the opinion of the people. You can count which thing that they like the most. Then, you can actually decide what products that you will get for the giveaway.


  1. Grand Prize Things

It is magic to use such a word if you like to open a giveaway. You can throw an easy challenge to the people which is titled with the grand prize. For example, you can open a giveaway to win iPhone XR as the grand prize. This one will make lots of people to join.


  1. Simple things

You can also open a giveaway with the small and simple things but they can be the benefits for the winner. Sometimes people also like to have simple giveaways so this can be your idea too.


  1. Gift Card

Another idea for the giveaway is the gift card. You can offer this as the giveaway and many people will join it.


  1. Seasonal Holiday Thing

The simple example is you can open a giveaway is when Christmas is coming. You can give any Christmas thing to the people.


  1. Coupons

The coupon will be working for the giveaway. You can give things like coupons for shopping or any kind of things.

  1. Gadget

The best giveaway that you can go to is a gadget. Any kind of gadget will always take the people’s attention to join it.

Those are the giveaway ideas that you can offer to the people such as to win iPhone XR, give limited edition brand and so on. If you are promoting something, then you can offer a giveaway so that many people will join.