6 Tips to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress for Your Special Day

The wedding dress is a special thing for the bride on her special day. Therefore, the dress should come out so flattering and beautiful. One of the recommendations for you to wear is long sleeve lace wedding dress mermaid. This kind of dress is suitable for you who like to look informal and elegant style but it also highlights the shape of your body.

The Importance of Wedding Dress

It is known that every woman must have her own dream wedding dress on her special day. It is like an imagination which should come true. However, it would be better for you to consider some things whether your dream wedding dress will be comfortable with you or does the dress suit on you and any other things. Always remember that there are things that you need to know to have such a beautiful wedding dress for your special day.

How to Get Your Wedding Dress

In order to have a flattering wedding dress as you dream of, here are several tips that you should know:

  • Do Some Research

The first thing that you should know to have such a beautiful wedding dress is doing some research by yourself. You may see from the internet, celebrities wedding, or even from a magazine about the wedding dress. Then, you can actually decide which type of wedding dress that you like to wear. For example, you might have seen Kate Middleton wearing long sleeve lace wedding dress mermaid that looked so beautiful.

  • Accept the suggestion

If you come to a bridal consultant, then one thing that you should know is accepting the suggestion. The expert may have known what type of wedding dress that will be suitable for you. In addition, they possibly tell that the wedding dress that you like does not seem too good on you. Therefore, it is good for you to be open and listening to what others say, especially the expert.

  • Get Your Actual Body Size

If you are planning to shop for the wedding dress, it is completely suggested for you to select your actual size. It is better not to lower the size of your wedding dress even you plan to lose weight. In order to avoid any worst thing, come later on, your actual body size is the right choice that you can do.

  • Mind the Time

If you like to shop wedding dress, it is better to find it earlier. 5 or 6 months before D-day is the best time that you can do. You know that it takes 3-4 months to finish a beautiful wedding dress so that early shopping is needed but not too early.

  • Match It with Your Wedding Theme

In finding a wedding dress, it would be so good to match with your wedding theme. Therefore, anytime you select the dress, ask the bridal consultant whether it is suitable for your wedding theme or not. For example, long sleeve lace wedding dress mermaid is good to wear informal themed wedding.

  • Plan the Budget

The most important thing before you have your beautiful wedding dress is planning your budget. Well, make sure that you have the one with a reasonable budget. There are so many things to prepare for the wedding so that you need to be wise to spend your money. This would be better for you to place a budget for a wedding dress.

Thus, those are several tips that you have to consider to have such a beautiful wedding dress like long sleeve lace wedding dress mermaid. In your special day, you have to come out as the most beautiful woman so that anything should be prepared special, including your wedding dress.

The Ways To Develop Your Passion In Life

Maybe you have been struggling to get pleasure in living with other people, or it’s hard to have the pleasure of personal life. Developing a spirit of life is part of an active process to become a more passionate and soulful person, and this requires a more proactive the way of life. You can be a person who is happier by doing fun and exciting things, happy with creativity and using motivation, and full of creativity to create happy things for other people.

Find Passion In Work

Feeling bored or do not have the spirit to work is the natural thing. But, you must solve it as soon as possible. If you lose the spirit to work, you can remember your childhood hopes and dreams. If you need to struggle to recognize your passions, maybe you should rethink the things that you love in your childhood. Make a list of activities that you are really enjoyed when you were little, from playing Lego or dressing up the doll. Consider, whether you will continue to continue the fun activity like at that time but in a different context. For example, if you really like creating various shapes with Lego, this might mean your true passion is in the field of architecture or construction. Back to the childhood preferences and make it a job that earns money or the field of education taken can lead you to satisfy career and happy life.

Personal Life

Recognize the values of your personal life. The values of your life are the core beliefs, ideas, and principles that the most important to you. Determining a personal life value can help you to determine whether you do have a specific passion for your work or education, or even for the relationship you are living. You can also ask some question to guide yourself to recognize your personal values. Think of the two people that you most respect or admire, why do you admire them? What are the characteristics of themselves that make you admire them? Think of the time that most make you feel satisfied or happy. Identify those times and think about why that times make you feel happy and satisfied.

Imagine Yourself In The Future

By imagine yourself in the future is a personal representation of the goals and dreams that you have for your own life in the future. Doing this exercise can help you better understand your goals, motivational factors, and priorities. The exercise can also help you to be better able to control directions in the path of education or career. To do this exercise, use the command “ imagine your life in the future”, imagine everything in your life perfectly in accordance with what you want.

Set Your Personal Goals

Set your personal goals for yourself is one of the ways to make the passions of your life. One of another way to capture life’s passion is to set personal goals. This way can motivate you to pursue certain areas of interest which can then be useda a career or educational choices. Writing down your personal goals that make you reflect and really consider what matters most to you. In, the addition this also makes you set the priorities and narrow the scope of your ideas to form clear the personal goals.

After you set your personal goals, you must make a schedule to determine the time to achieve those goals. Maybe, you will need different duration and timing to reach the goal, depending on how simple or complicated the goal is. Setting your personal goals allows you to identify the things that you have done so far that are useful for achieving those goals.

5 Tips Travelling Smart in Developing Countries

Papua is one of the provinces in Indonesia where can be the best place for spending your vacation. This one is highlighted for those who like to see the true beauty of the sea and nature, especially in West Papua. As you can see on West Papua Map, that it is mostly surrounded by the ocean. Therefore, if you like to enjoy the smell of the sea or play with the waves, this is a highly recommended place to visit.

About West Papua

If you like to visit West Papua, seven to ten days are recommended time since you need to visit some stunning places there. It is known that West Papua has two Peninsula, they are Bomberai Peninsula and Bird’s Head Peninsula. In addition, it is nearby Papua New Guinea. What makes you fall in love when you are there is about nature. You can feel the nature that is still well maintained and no pollution.

The Best Places to Go in West Papua

Then, where places do you need to go to West Papua? The answer is a lot! Open your West Papua Map and just plan to go to several places such as:

  • Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat should be one of the most beautiful islands in this world. Based on research, this place has the richest biodiversity in the world so that it is highly recommended to spend your holidays there. You can just lay your body on the edge of the beaches and enjoy the turquoise color of the sea. For those who plan the honeymoon, Raja Ampat is the best recommendation since you can stay at the hotel near to the sea definitely with the premium service. In addition, you can also see the untouched rainforest near the beach that offers the true beauty of nature. Snorkeling, swimming, and cycling are popular things to do there. You can also see the beautiful corals and the marine life in real!

  • Lorenz National Park

This is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage which comes as the best place to visit. In addition, it could be another choice that you can have instead of enjoying the sea. Here you will be spoiled by the beauty of Jaya Wijaya Mountain. If you like to see and learn about flora and fauna, this one should be a good place to go. Here you can go trekking while seeing the species of the birds that probably you never have seen before.

  • The Asmat Region

If you are wondering about the local life in West Papua, this place will explain you much. Indonesia has lots of tribes and here is Asmat where you can find out the life of Asmat tribe. People of Asmat tribe live by nature yet they keep the environment really well. Here you can enjoy several things, such as a small town called Agats, tropical jungle, river and mangrove swamps. To get here, you can just open your West Papua Map so that you can see the place clearly.

  • Base G Beach

This beach has a length about three kilometers so that you can enjoy the edge of the beach all along. In addition, there will be some wooden shelter there as a place for a picnic if you like to enjoy the sea from the distance. In addition, this beach has a golden beach which looks really beautiful and spoiling. A good thing for you who like to spend time in the not too crowded area, this beach is visited by the locals and tourists but it is not too crowded. You can still enjoy swimming in the sea.

  • Cendrawasih Bay Marine National Park

Cendrawasih Bay Marine National Park has several isles where is bordered by the coastline. This place can be another option for scuba diving, trekking and also hiking. In addition, here you can also see the species of birds that probably you are not familiar with. Here, West Papua Map will also help you to find out the precise location of West Papua.

Hence, West Papua should be one of the recommended destinations that you can visit actually. It offers lots of natural beauty that maybe you haven’t met it before. To know the detail about the tourism attractions, just open West Papua Map and visit the places you like.

Are You a Woman Entrepreneur?

Today, women have a choice to be an entrepreneur same as a man. You will see that there are many women businesses or entrepreneurs who are going to be a success. If you are a woman and you are getting bored to be an employer, it is your chance to spread your wings. You are able to get in a business field if you want.

Get To Know About Three Approaches Which Will Affect Your Business

Before deciding to get in that field, you should know that there three approaches which may affect your business, later. Your job is to know what those approaches are and try to find the best solution for it. If it is possible, it will help you a lot to get through some problems in your business.

And so, what are those approaches? Here are the three approaches you should know if you would like to run a job:

Economical Paradigm

One of the most important approaches you need to understand is about the economic paradigm. You have to think how to make the capital to bigger profit. You just have to find out about how to make your capital grow effectively by reinvesting or such as things like that.

Many of businesswoman is not successful in this thing because they are difficult to focus on it paradigm.

Thus, before you are investing in or doing anything with your capital, you need to learn more about it. Make sure you do the right thing before you pay out your capital for it. It helps you a lot to avoid any financial loss.

Religious Paradigm

The second thing you need to notice is about the religious paradigm. Before you are running up the business, make sure that your product is appropriate with the place where you belong.

It is not only the appropriation product. You also need to notice about your partner, employee, and other people who are involved with your job. Remember that every religion people has a different way to communicate, commitment, and such.

Psychological Paradigm

You have to note that if you would like to be an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that you have own best psychology characters. If you don’t have a strong character, it will be hard to be a leader in your business.

Besides leading the other people, you also should know about the character of each employee that you have. It will help you to decide the best division for them. Not all people can be placed in a certain division. Some of the divisions require some personality characters.

An example, for the PR division, it needs more communicative employee and more. Thus, never place someone based on its background. The background may differ with their capability.

Those are the approaches you need to notice before running up the business. By learning it once and you understand about them, it will help you a lot to run the business as well. Thus, make sure to understand those before going to open up the business.

Want to Make Long Lasting Relationship?

Caring for a partner is a must. If you wish to have a long last relationship, you must do certain things to keep him on your side. Once you break his heart, it would never be the same. To make your relationship is true, you need to make him happy. Hence, how do you gonna do?

Here Are Some Secrets For You

Don’t be afraid! If you do these secret things to him, it will make you feel so glad to have him beside you for a longer time. These are the secret things you must to do to your partner:

–    Keep your words out

The most important thing to make your relationship will live ever after, choose the right words for it. If you would like to say harass words, be better to keep them off. Even though you will so tire on him, just keep your words off. Remember that the harass word will keep in his mind for a long time. Hence, try to keep your emotion down while you are in the middle of a war.

–    Appreciate him

The second secret things you must note while having a relationship is appreciation. Most of the couples didn’t realize that they don’t appreciate their partner at all. The appreciation will change anything. While you refuse what your partner did for you, it will make him feels so annoyed.

For further case, your partner will make a distance and get thousands of stories to keep away from you. Every time your partner does something, just appreciate it and it will make your partner feel so blessed to have you.

–    Be blessed for any little things

Besides appreciation, you need to say blessing words for any little things happen in your relationship. An example, if he is cleaning up the bathroom, you should thank him. Don’t make any calculating score to what you and he have done.

If you had been cleaning up the basement, so you ask him to clean another part in your home, it is wrong. If you are still to do this thing, it means you are childish. In a relationship, it is not about who is cleaning up this and that. Thus, make sure to feel so blessed and don’t forget to express it to your partner.

–    Honesty is everything

A relationship in a lie is like you will end up it. Don’t try for a second to tell lies. Once you lied to your partner, it will force you to tell more and more lies. It will be so much better if you tell him the truth. No matter how hurt it is or how annoying it is, honesty is everything. Tell the truth every time and it is one of many relationship goals.

With those secret things, it will help you to do the right things on your relationship. It will help you a lot to do what you should do and make it feels so homey. Once you create a comfortable home for your partner, your relationship will be last forever.